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Our main service is our high-quality office cleaning. We are happy to announce that we are now offering this new Detailed Sanitizing Program.


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Detailed Sanitizing Program

With this service, we will ensure that your office’s surfaces, door handles, light switches, pantry areas, and restrooms are all cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. Keeping your office sanitized is the best thing you can do for your employees and guests.

Better Productivity

Working in a clean office space is excellent for morale and productivity. When employees know that their management team cares enough to give them a workspace that reduces the risks of becoming sick, they will repay you with increased productivity.

Keeping Employees Happy

Employees get great satisfaction in knowing they are more than just a number or a cog in the gear of a faceless corporation. All business is personal, help to keep your employees safe and healthy, and they will know that you care about them as individuals.

Let Our Team Help You

Call Banu at Amelia Cleaning Co, to learn more about our Detailed Sanitizing Program, and we will come to you for a free onsite evaluation.

Office Cleaning

Your office and workspace says a lot about your business. We help you to represent your business to your clients and employees in the best possible way. A clean and well-maintained environment will attract best of the both worlds.

It is critical to have a clean workspace to maintain high morale and productivity. When employees know, you do your best to provide them with a clean and safe work environment, more work will get done and employees will choose to stay with you longer. It is not only about morale, but the employee’s health. Proper cleaning removes the germs that can cause employees to get sick. Leading to sick days and lower productivity. Let us help you keep your office clean and keep your employees healthy !

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